Why Commercial Roofing Restoration

Learn Why Commercial Roofing Restoration is your Go-To roofing services provider in Colorado!

We Use Conklin Products, the Top-Rated Roofing Supplier

Conklin roofing is a roofing solution manufacturer that emphasizes energy efficiency and cost savings for customers. Conklin is the gold standard of roofing solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional roof applications. We are Conklin-certified commercial roofers who exclusively use Conklin roofing materials.

Because our coatings and roofing solutions conserve energy, they will eventually pay for themselves through lower utility bills. It may typically pay for itself in as little as seven years while also providing you with decades of protection.

The primary purpose of these roofing systems is to create white roofs that reflect rather than absorb UV rays from the sun. As a result, your building will stay cooler for longer, cutting cooling costs and putting money back into your pocket and facility management budgets. One of the main advantages of Conklin roofing is its long-term durability. Many of the company's first systems, which were put in place in the 1970s, are still in use today. Conklin® Roof Coating Systems are the only products we use, and they've been proven to last. 

So if you're asking why Commercial Roofing Restoration is the roofing company for your project, look no further. We're convinced that our commercial and industrial customers will benefit from the energy savings and longevity of these systems, which is why we are delighted to offer them at such a low cost.

We can also fix any Conklin roofing system you currently have! Commercial Roofing Restoration can fulfill your demands whether your roof is; metal, rubber, shingled or rolled asphalt, modified bitumen, or built-up (BUR).

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Why Commercial Roofing Restoration? You Can Trust Us for All Your Commercial Flat or Low-Slope Roof Projects.

It's critical to hire a reputable commercial roofing contractor for your property if you want to have quality service! In answer to the question why Commercial Roofing Restoration is right for your project, you can rest easy knowing our team of highly qualified experts will handle your commercial property as if it were our own, ensuring that you get the results you want!

Our commercial roofing services include:

Full Service
Roof Repair

It's best to schedule your commercial roof repair as soon as you see any of the following signs:

-Interior Leakage
-Visible Punctures or Tears
-Splitting Seams
-Rust, Water, or Hail Damage

We are proud of our ability to provide prompt and efficient assistance to those in need.

Full Service
Roof Installation

The installation of a commercial roof by Commercial Roofing Restoration involves minimal downtime. Your factory or industrial building can continue to run regularly while a commercial roof is being installed. We also make certain there is no loose material that could pose a hazard or excess debris that would end up in landfills.

Commercial Roof

Your roof is always exposed to the elements. As a result, it is extremely prone to damage. Roofing systems that are more than ten years old typically require much effort to stay in good shape. Allow our licensed professionals to take care of your commercial roofing needs. We'll assess your building for damage and design a preventative maintenance strategy!

Roofing Case Studies: Before & After Commercial Roofing Restoration

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